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Deploy your ideal work-life

Define your goal, tailor your experience, and get the insight you need to thrive. At work. In life.

Wave will coach you as top-notch coaches actually do

Wave will do that, but way more than that. That’s why +88% of our clients reach their coaching goals.


You’ll setup a weekly routine where you’ll step back to where you really are, personally and professionally


Wave’s coaching team will feedback with insights, data, and exercises, to help you unlock situations and progress toward your goals


Throughout your interactions, you’ll get the intellectual challenge & emotional support you need to deploy your best-self

High-quality coaching for all professionals

  • Unlimited coaching by Wave
  • Accessible and transparent prices
  • Flexible: you can cancel anytime

Everyone should be able to ride the life they want, whatever happens.

We’re on a mission to help 1 billion people get professionally coached by 2050.

This is why we have created Wave, the Infinite Coach.

Wave is the first professional coach that is infinitely knowledgeable, infinitely available and who is infinitely yours.

Wave is powered by the first Coaching Automated

Intelligence to bring a tailored coaching experience to everyone

  • Our technology brings the best of human intelligence & data:
  • The collective dedication of an A-team of multiple fields experts (coaching, consulting, data, engineering, product, design…)
  • The insightful data from +10 000 coaching hours (and counting)
  • Machine learning to deliver a personalized coaching experience to everyone

Wave coaches your talents

Wave is the simplest way to provide your team with a tailored coach to achieve your company’s ambition.

Fit any of your team member in any location

Your team has diverse needs: leadership growth, organizational skills, developing confidence…

Stop looking for several coaches or dropping your team in a market place wondering which coach will be the right fit.

Wave is infinite and will adapt to the individual coaching needs of each of your team members.

Wave can tackle any topic, for any seniority level, worldwide.

Welcome to Wave’s blog

Insights on how to grow at work and in life

He dedicated himself to finding solutions to go beyond those limitations and make coaching truly accessible to all. That’s how Wave was born in 2020.

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